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Sodaricus is an arcade style shooter in which a squirrel tries to venture into the space by throwing soda bottles at random objects that block its way. The game looks casual at best, but don't let the visual fool you. The game will get very hard.

You will encounter 9 different types of objects or enemies that try to kill you.
Try to eliminate or avoid them. If you don't you will vanish as a supernova explosion.

The game also comes with 4 different bosses that spawn regularly as you progress.
However what boss comes out is entirely random. Try to kill all four of them and earn achievements.
You will need to try and learn first to defeat them.

Also, the game supports leader board, so make sure you try to reach the highest score possible!

It also comes with cool chiptune loop that will soak you in.

Most graphics and all sounds are made by myself. And I received some help from friends of mine.

Thank you for your time!

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